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installation | maintenance | system design
installation | maintenance | system design
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Specialising in CCTV AMSSL have a wealth of experience with the Design and Installation of CCTV Systems, from the most basic of analogue systems through to complex digital recording systems with remote monitoring.

Due to the ever growing number of products on the market AMSSL can help design a system to meet your requirements, using major products from suppliers such as Norbain, Tecton, Bosch, Sanyo and many more.

We aim to give a comprehensive service from the initial design through to installation.

In Designing a system for you we would produce:

Full system schematic including cabling etc.

Detailed parts list recommending all parts to meet your needs.

If you are not sure where to start why not take advantage of our Free Site Survey.

With technology advancing all the time digital recording is becoming more dominant in the market place. Most digital video recorders (DVR's) are PC based but not all of them. The way digital recording works is by a taking analogue images from a cctv camera, digitise them and store them electronically on a media storage device usually a hard disk drive as used in most personal computers.


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